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Lure Coursing

Not Just for Sighthounds!

Okay, enough training. Let's do something that your dog already knows how to do - chase stuff! Try lure coursing in our fully fenced field.

Lure coursing is a white plastic garbage bag being run around a field at upwards of 50 miles an hour. Just let your dog go and watch the fun. Almost every dog we have ever tried to course would chase the bag the first time. Some hard core cases took a second shot at it and then they too were off and running.

Cleo and Sugar chase the "bunny" Cleo and Sugar full speed ahead!
See, little dogs LOVE to course!
Nathaniel shows how it's done Nathaniel shows how it's done

Your dog needs to be full grown and you will need a certificate of health from your veterinarian (lure coursing is hard work!).

Lure coursing is available spring and fall, weather permitting, check the Barking Hills Schedule of Classes.


Lure coursing is held at the Frenchtown location.
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lure coursing

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