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Said to be the fastest growing sport in the United States, agility is your dog going over and through an obstacle course. In trials this event is timed and the fastest clean run will win.

Storm on the seesaw Up and down!
Diva flys through the tunnel Diva and the tunnel
Isis taking the tire jump Agility is easy!
Mozart on the dogwalk Mozart on the dogwalk

Photos by John Chester

"I never thought my dog would do that!" is a common thing to hear after an agility class. Tunnels, chutes, & jumps (there's one made out of a tire) are all part of an agility course. The A-frame (an ~8' high pair of slanted panels), dog walk (think of a wide balance beam with an up and down ramp) and seesaw (yep, you heard right - a seesaw) , known as the contact obstacles, are some of the others. Add a pause table (where your dog must sit or lie down for a short time) and some weave poles (poles placed ~18" apart that your dog must slalom through) and you have an agility course. The handler runs with her/his dog and guides them around the course. Good exercise for your dog - great exercise for you! Take a look at our lastest agility class.

Your dog should have had some training so that he/she will come when called and it will help if your dog knows how to sit and lie down.

All agility classes are held outside, in a completely fenced area, at the
Frenchtown Location

Classes, Schedule and Pricing or to find out more about agility

Read All About It! Enjoying Dog Agility

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